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Cardio & Strength

As much as you need a break from the usual pang of load and office work, your heart also needs a pump up to stay endurant and healthy. This type of exercise program involves raising your heart rate. Exercise makes your heart muscles move. Movement makes them stronger. Hence, you need a Cardio Exercise to make your heart stronger.

This context applies the same to the other muscles of your body. By regularly engaging them in movement, they are worked out to be stronger than those who are not into the activity.

At Alamo Fitness Center, you can find a variety of ways to exercise your muscular system through our Fitness Classes. We also use top-of-the-line technology to par your fitness goals.

Our Cardio machines include treadmills, steppers, ellipticals, etc. and our Aerobic Classes involves steps, spinning, kick boxing, Zumba, and boot camp.

Meanwhile, our strength enhancement exercises use machines for the upper and lower body. We also have Free Weights and Benches with the most trusted brands as Matrix, Hammer Strength, and Life Fitness.

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If you are simply looking for relaxation venues after a day’s workout, come to our Relaxation Centers. We provide you with workout’s that will  benefit your blood circulation, ease muscle tension, enhance detoxification process, relieve you of stiff joints, and even strengthen your immune system to promote a feeling of relaxation.

Relaxation is a vital part of fitness. When you are relaxed, you get more energy, an enhanced immunity, increased concentration, and even better problem solving abilities. You can have greater efficiency at what you do, along with smoother emotions to guide you in a day full of environmental constraints and stress. *(

Get the best benefits of rest at the Alamo Fitness Center. No extra fees and charges. Just sit back and relax.


Taekwondo is not only a combat sport, but is also a way of life for enthusiasts around the globe. The word Taekwondo itself is made up of three Chinese/Korean words: Tae, meaning to kick or jump; Kwon, meaning fist or hand; and Do, which means “the way.”

Taekwondo Benefits: Enhance self-esteem by heightening your physical and mental powers. Build confidence by encouraging you to succeed and to take control of your life. Develop discipline by thoroughly training your body and mind in the tenets and techniques of Taekwondo.

Get the best benefits of rest at the Alamo Fitness Center. No extra fees and charges. Just sit back and relax.

Tanning Bed - $80 for 30 min.

$25 a month or $5 single session




A combination of consistent exercise and a well balanced diet yields the best results for safe and permanent weight loss.

While some is good, more is not necessarily better. Find a balance of 3-5 days per week and optimize your time those days, with strength training and cardio each time.

30-60 minutes is sufficient when done the right way. A combination of strength training and cardio will yield the best results!

No one specific diet works for everybody. A well balanced diet with lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats will keep you full of energy and give you a healthy body

While each person’s target area may differ, there is no such thing as “spot reduction”. Losing weight will happen evenly and permanently when following a healthy diet and structured workout plan.

A rigorous strength training program is key to toning muscles and keeping them strong. If you don’t know where to start, ask one of our training staff to help get you started!

Given that each person’s body is different, ideal weight is a relative term. Instead, focus on your body fat percentage. This number is more indicative of your level of health and fitness. To get yours measured and evaluated, see one of our personal training directors and they will be glad to show where you stand and what is healthy for you!