Success Stories


Bradley shared that he lost 65 lbs of fat and gained 10 Ibs of muscle in a year and a half.Motivational quote from him: “Lifting isn’t about being strong on the outside. It’s from within. If can you visualize it, you can make it happen”…..Well said. Go Bradley!


Monserrat Gonzalez

Monserrat Gonzalez, otra persona dedicada a lo que quiere! Ella dice: “Todo se puede si quieres. Hacer ejercicio es una de las mejores opciones saludables” 19 lbs después!

Daniel Cancino


Daniel Cancino, one of our regular members! He commented that it has been 11 months and he is not done just yet  His words of wisdom: “Stay focused on your goal, it’s hard but once you start seeing the changes, it just motivates you more. Good luck to all of you” ….. 100 lbs GONE!

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