Cardio & Strength

As much as you need a break from the usual pang of load and office work, your heart also needs a pump up to stay endurant and healthy. This type of exercise program involves raising your heart rate. Exercise makes your heart muscles move. Movement makes them stronger. Hence, you need a Cardio Exercise to make your heart stronger.

thumb1This context applies the same to the other muscles of your body. By regularly engaging them in movement, they are worked out to be stronger than those who are not into the activity.

At Alamo Fitness Center, you can find a variety of ways to exercise your muscular system through our Fitness Classes. We also use top-of-the-line technology to par your fitness goals.

Our Cardio machines include treadmills, steppers, ellipticals, etc. and our Aerobic Classes involves steps, spinning, kick boxing, Zumba, and boot camp.

Meanwhile, our strength enhancement exercises use machines for the upper and lower body. We also have Free Weights and Benches with the most trusted brands as Matrix, Hammer Strength, and Life Fitness.

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